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Employee Acid Test

Welcome to the Company xYz Employee Survey. Company xYz is working with Satmetrix Systems to conduct a survey that will help us understand your views on your work life within this organization. Satmetrix Systems specializes in employee and customer experience measurement. The following survey will help us design programs better to serve both employees and customers.
The survey should only take about 5-10 minutes, and your responses will be kept completely confidential. Please complete the survey no later than X date.
Thank you very much for your time and for participating in this important effort!
1. How likely are you to be working at this organization two years from now?
2. Overall, how satisfied are you with your relationship with your immediate manager?
3. Overall, how likely are you to provide enthusiastic referrals for Company xYz?
4. Please rate your level of agreement with the following statements.
Attribute Agreement
Company communicates openly and honestly
Company is committed to win/win solutions (does not take advantage of its partners or customers)
I trust Company's leaders to behave with fairness and integrity
Customer loyalty is appropriately valued and rewarded at this organization
I believe this organization deserves my loyalty
Over the past year, my loyalty to this organization has grown stronger
This organization values people and relationships ahead of short-term profits
We make it easy for our customers to do business with us
This company sets the standard for excellence in its industry
This organization has a winning strategy (superior economics in serving its customers)
Company attracts and retains outstanding people (employees, partners, etc.)
Company creates innovative solutions that makes our customers' lives easier
Descriptive Information: This last group of questions will help us better understand the differences between groups of respondents.
5. How long have you been an employee of this organization? (Check one)
Less than one year
One to under three years
Three to under five years
Five to under ten years
Ten years or more
6. What is your position? (Check one)
Executive/Upper Management
Middle Management
Individual Contributor - salaried
Individual Contributor - hourly
7. How many other people report to the same individual you do? (Check one)
Less than five
Five to ten
Eleven to fifteen
Sixteen to twenty
Twenty-one to Twenty-five
More than twenty-five
8. Are you ...? (Optional) (Check one)
White (Non-Hispanic)
Black (Non-Hispanic)
Asian/Pacific Islander
American Indian or Alaskan Native
Other (If other, please specify)
9. Which location do you work at? (Check one)
Corporate/Administrative Headquarters
10. What is your gender? (Optional) (Check one)
11. Are you union member? (Optional)
12. What is your age? (Optional) (Check one)
Under 18
Over 55
13. In which region do you work? (Check one)
Africa/Middle East
Asia Pacific
Australia/New Zealand
Central/South America/Mexico
United States
14. In which functional area do you work? (Check one)
(For example)
Human Resources
15. What is the one thing this company can do to increase your loyalty to them?