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Loyalty Rules!
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Loyalty Rules!

Loyalty provides the gold standard for relationship excellence. In order to provide executives with a reliable tool to monitor and diagnose the strength of key organizational relationships, we created the Loyalty Acid Test Survey. To establish a benchmark of excellence, we administered these surveys to a large sample of customers and employees from loyalty-
Download the Loyalty Acid Test: Surveys.pdf
leader companies highlighted in Loyalty Rules! including Vanguard, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Northwestern Mutual, Intuit, Harley-Davidson, SAS, and USAA. We plan to expand this group and update benchmarks as we discover additional firms with industry-leading Loyalty Acid Test scores.

Take the Loyalty Acid Test
Learn how the loyalty of your relationships stacks up versus the loyalty leaders. You are free to download copies of these surveys - including adaptations for customers and employees - and to use them freely with no need for additional approvals from the author or publisher. However, if you are interested in developing survey data that is directly comparable to the loyalty-leader benchmarks, or if you would like to calibrate your results in detail across the full range of survey questions, you should contact Satmetrix Systems, Inc. ( to learn how this can be done. In brief, those organizations who are willing to contribute their results to our confidential database, and who utilize Satmetrix to implement the survey, will be provided with full detail on the aggregate results contained in our database.

View survey tips for the customer and employee surveys.

Seminar Information
Based on the level of interest expressed, we plan to develop seminars on how best to utilize the Loyalty Acid Test as a management tool and to provide forums for sharing results and best practices. Please email if you would like to receive more information on these seminars.

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