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Loyalty Effect Essay #6: The Cost of Investor Disloyalty
Essay 6/1/98
by Frederick F. Reichheld
The average publicly-owned company can expect to lose half its owners over the course of the next eleven months.

Loyalty Effect Essay #5: The Satisfaction Trap
Essay 5/1/98
by Frederick F. Reichheld
Remember: Itís not how satisfied you keep your customers, itís how many satisfied customers you keep!

Loyalty Effect Essay #4: The Forces of Loyalty vs. Chaos
Essay 4/1/98
by Frederick F. Reichheld
Unlike well-evolved institutions, the average Fortune 500 company expires in 40 years.

Loyalty Effect Essay #3: In Search of Failure
Essay 3/1/98
by Frederick F. Reichheld
Here's a test. Over the last ten years, who would have become richer: an investor who built a stock portfolio out of the companies profiled in In Search of Excellence, or someone who merely matched the mediocre performance of the S&P index?

Loyalty Effect Essay #2: The Metaphysics of Measurement
Essay 2/1/98
by Frederick F. Reichheld
Measures, by establishing the feedback loops that are the foundations of learning, define what an organization is and what it will become.

Loyalty Effect Essay #1: Loyalty and Learning
Essay 1/1/98
by Frederick F. Reichheld
Today's accounting systems - the measurement framework which defines corporate reality and focuses organizational energy - have changed little since they were developed to meet the learning requirements of 19th century steel and textile manufacturers.

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